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Why Some People Prefer Crappie Fishing

Fishing for trophy can be quite difficult and at times even disappointing. This is especially true if the trophy fish you are trying to catch always breaks your line or simply takes away your lure. You should perhaps change the kind of fish you want to catch to make fishing a more enjoyable experience. This is why some amateur fishermen target the crappie fish. Crappie fish are small that taste like perch but has a distinct sweetness to its flavor. They are still challenging at six to ten inches but are not as elusive as others like salmon or bass.

Fishing for crappie is not too difficult as the locations where they are located are really very common. Some places even have crappie overpopulation problems. This means that you can take as much as you want without any restrictions. This is also good as crappie fish tastes very great. Even if you manage to get into a place with restrictions, you will most likely not feel the limitations. Just make sure you have enough room in your freezer to keep all the fish that you catch.

Almost all fish have different baits. The crappie fish is no exception. You need to use a specific line. A two-pound or a four-pound line can easily catch them. However, four-pound lines are better as they will allow you to catch larger fish that may bite in the same area. Other fish like pike or walleye may also be present in a single spot, so taking along different kinds of bait for different kinds of fish is a great idea. It is always better to take along some extra bait and make sure they are varied to suit different fish. This way if you find out that other fish are also biting in the area, you can adapt appropriately.

Crappie fish are bottom feeders. Using bobbers to keep your bait at a level just above the bottom will definitely attract crappie. Just make sure that the bobbers are adjusted to get the most benefit from them. Hanging the lures too close to the bottom or hanging them too far from the bottom will only yield negative results.

As with others, crappie fish can take a long time before they bite, so patience is still a big factor when you are fishing for crappie. Using a light rod is suggested as these fish have very unnoticeable bites.

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