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Surf Fishing For Sharks at Night

Fishing from the surf at night for sharks is very productive. Sharks tend to be nocturnal feeders which is why night fishing for them is very good. This article will provide you with some tips to fish for sharks after dark.

Scout The Beach First

Use the daylight hours to scout for a section of beach you plan to fish. During low tide you’ll have a better chance to spot a cut through a sand bar or find a deeper pocket for a likely shark strike zone later.

High Tide After Dark Is Best

Consult a tide chart to determine when you can expect high tide to occur. Sharks come in closer to shore to feed during high tide. High tide gives you the best chance of putting your bait within striking distance of hungry sharks. Use the tide chart and plan to fish two hours before and after high tide. This will give you a four hour window to fish.

Things You Don’t want To Forget

One of the most important things to bring, aside from your gear, is a good flashlight. A headlamp is particularly useful for hands free illumination of anything you need to do. You should have a comfortable chair to sit in while waiting for a shark to home in on your bait. Keep the bug spray handy so the insects won’t annoy you.

Always Bring At Least Two Rods

It’s a good idea to bring two rods. Use one set up for sharks and use the other to catch smaller fish for bait. Fresh shark bait is always best. You can use the bait fish whole or as cut bait.

If you plan on using a spinning reel for sharks be sure to get one with a bait running feature. A bait running reel has two drags. One to let the shark take your bait and run while the other is used to fight the fish. Shark fishing is a bit of a waiting game. Since you’ll probably be sitting in a chair while waiting for some action the bait running feature will let the shark run against a lighter drag. Many of inexperienced surf anglers have watched their whole rig taken out in the surf before they could get to it because they didn’t know about the dual drag system.

Don’t Try It Alone

Shark fishing is not a solitary sport. It requires more than one person to safely land and release a decent size shark, especially at night. You’ll want to have at least four team members who are familiar with the task. If it’s not possible to safely handle a shark it’s probably better to cut the line and release it.

If your looking for some real excitement, shark fishing from the surf will give it to you. You can catch sharks anytime but night time is best. Early morning around daybreak is good too.

Surf fishing is different from any other kind of fishing. Shark surf fishing is the ultimate fishing experience. Before attempting to fish for sharks take some time to learn more about surf fishing techniques, rigs and gear. Start with surf fishing basics and work up to landing the big game fish from the surf. Saltwater fish are bigger, fight harder and provide more excitement for anglers who participate in this sport.

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