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Small Fishing Boats and Fishing Bait

Have you tried these fishing baits?

1. Take the juice of smallage or lovage and mix it with any kind of bait. As long as this mixture remains, you will find yourself pulling out any fish that comes within yards of your hook.

Lovage is a plant (Levisticum officinate) that is sometimes confused with celery. Smallage is also a plant (Apium graveoleus) better known as celery. Squeezing the juice from the stalks, or using the oil from the seeds, or the juice from the roots, would be the attraction for the fish.

2. Put the oil Rhodium on the bait when fishing with a hook. (Use sparingly.) It is said to be infallible as far as fish bait is concerned. Rhodium oil comes from the ore, rhodium. The ore is quite rare and is associated with platinum. You can purchase the oil online.

3. The Hellgrammite. It is a very active and prolonged wriggler, and thus a very effective bass bait. Large perch and chub also cannot resist it. It is a water-loving larva of the fly, the horned corydalus (corydalus cornutus), quite similar to the dragonfly. It’s found under loose rocks on the water line, or just below the water line of rivers where the temperature is low. It can actually be used as bait in all three of its life-cycle phases, the larva, the pupae and the adult flying insect. A very popular habitat for it are on Montana streams.

The following are a few pointers relating to the many small fishing boat manufacturers.

Sea Eagle are a company that has operated since 1968 and is owned by two partners. They design and sell inflatable boats and kayaks.

Carolina Electric Boats offer unique electric-powered fishing boats which are suitable for both fresh and salt water. The trolling motors are foot-controlled.

Newport Vessels put emphasis on highest quality products and excellent customer service.

Water Skeeter are a Canadian company whose innovative boats are designed on the pontoon concept.

KL Industries do a series of fishing boats and canoes which are well fitted out. They meet USCG and NMMA standards.

Classic Accessories commit to research, design, development and quality. They have a wide range of pontoon fishing boats.

Pontoons are popular fishing boats because of their low draught. However, the list for small fishing boats can include – square back fishing canoes, sit-on-top kayaks, fishing catamarans, rigid or inflatable small fishing boats, kayaks or canoes especially designed for fishining, and more.

Choose what suits you best at this point in time. Look out for the manufacturers warranty. How long it is and what it covers. (Some warranties can be for as long as 10 years). Do they have a good customer service reputation? Public or private bodies like the United States Coast Guard, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, TUV Rheinland of N. America and the Inflatable Boat Manufacturers Association all give a stamp of approval as to the standard a boat is manufactured to.

Perhaps the best part of all is the very wide range of prices. From a small budget, like a student’s to a large budget where cost is not an issue and all or any accessories to make the fishing experience more effective, can be tried out.

In the 1960’s, 20′ canoes were regarded as being one of the best buys to fish the streams and rivers of the colder areas of the USA. This is not so now. Design and technology have greatly improved, giving a wide range of available small boats. The choice is very varied. Often, reading reviews by people who have used the boats is a good way of helping you make a decision about what is best for you.

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