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Seatrout and saltwater Fly tying lesson, Step by step: The One Worm

This video shows how to tie the this great seatrout fly:
See all the materials here:

This video and channel is about fly tying and fly-fishing. I will demonstrate fly tying in easy step by step lessons, techniques, materials, tips and tricks of the trade. Also I will be doing a lot of different fly tying tutorials patterns like: Pike flies, Trout flies, Saltwater flies, Dry flies, Nymphs and coastal seatrout flies, Salmon flies and much more.
Seatrout fly: Here is will be making a lots of the best fly tying patterns and imitations of sand eels, goby, shrimp, baitfish fly, herring, stickleback, gammarus and much more, all of these are on hooks like Ahrex fly hooks Tiemco and partridge. Also I have done several step by step lessons and tutorials to proven easy and good provocation seatrout flies. Seatrout fishing is great fun and something that the Danish coastline is famous and renowned for throughout Europe. The fly pattern on this channel, are all proven and have all caught seatrouts. I tie and use these flies myself and I hope the fly tying guides here is useful and can help you.

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