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Sea Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa Exceler X Fishing Reel

The Bass is the prized catch for a saltwater angler. Its population is widely distributed throughout the UK coastline, although mature fish concentration is still greatest in the lower half of England. They range from the 6 inch “babies” to the tough 3 pounder that are still strong in numbers in that region. Still, the bass seems to be the most popular game, but be warned though. Bass have thick, muscular bodies and are sure to put up a fight. Now, the question is, are you prepared for this? How confident are you with your current fishing tackle? This is the reason why Daiwa, a company of more than 50 years is committed to serving you. Here is some information on its esteemed sea fishing tackle, the Exceler X Fishing Reel.

Key Features of Daiwa Exceler X Fishing Reel

Daiwa’s Exceler series of reels is known for its magnificent versatility and superb performance. This is excellent sea fishing tackle for the bass or pike. Now, it is made even better, with 3 new sizes available this year for the X and S specifications. It has a moulded body and rotor for that added precision and increased durability. Truly a fine work of craftsmanship and design, it has a wider ABS2 spool and an almost 5:1 ratio that maintains the power and stability of the previous versions. By the way, the gear ratio describes the spool revolution per turn of the handle. So this indicates the how fast your retrieve is. With one turn of the handle, the largest model, EXC-S4000 can wind 86cm of the line. With this fishing tackle in your hands, what else do you have to fear?

More About Daiwa Exceler X Fishing Reel

Daiwa’s Exceler X Fishing Reel has a machine-cut handle for the X and a one touch handle for the S. Moreover, it is equipped with Daiwa’s Airbail Reel Technology. The Airbail is an ultra-light, hollow yet very resilient and sturdy reel handle. It has no protrusions and snags the line when spinning thereby preventing the line from getting tangled on the handle, apparently a difficult problem to resolve in the past. Not only that, this sea fishing tackle also has Daiwa’s exclusive Twist Buster 2 line roller system which also reduces line twist problems on reel spinning. In addition to that, the Twin Buster, which is powered by CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing), also reduces line friction on the roller. To top it off, the Exceler X Fishing Reel is endowed with Daiwa’s Digigear II, also called “Super Metal body,” which has dual engine plates that allows for silent oscillation. It also features Daiwa’s well-known machined aluminum ABS (Anti Backlash System) spools. Spare spools are included with your purchase of this unbelievable fishing reel.

Final Thoughts on Daiwa Exceler X Fishing Reel

Whether it is speed, power or durability, nothing beats Daiwa’s Exceler X Fishing Reel, the high-tech sea fishing tackle that puts the word EXCEL in excellence!

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