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Power Pole Anchor Allow Safe, Secure Shallow Water Anchoring

The power pole anchor system is an innovative solution for quickly and quietly securing small, fishing and other pleasure boats in shallow water up to about eight feet deep. Fishing enthusiasts favor the system since they can place their vessel quickly, quietly and precisely. This helps to avoid spooking the fish and allows the angler a host of other sporting advantages.

Fishing enthusiasts that use the system highlight its ability to be repeatedly deployed and retracted in rapid succession. The anchor literally takes just a few seconds to deploy and about the same time to retract. This allows the boat to be continuously repositioned to move along tracking the fish. With this ability, sight fishing becomes a breeze.

Using this system, sight fishing and fishing downwind could hardly be easier. It also improves the ability to control a lure in windy conditions. Many consider the power pole system a significant improvement on the next best alternatives, namely, a trolling motor and the cajun anchor.

The power pole shallow water anchor was inspired by the ancient method of mooring a boat to a vertical pole thrust manually into the bottom. The modern power pole system improves on that technique by employing hydraulics to secure the pole and ensure maximum holding power. The system can safely anchor boats with a dry weight up to about 3,000 pounds, with an overall length of about 30 feet and in winds up to about 30 miles per hour.

The anchor can be deployed-retrieved quickly and easily, literally in seconds and by pushing a button. The anchor grabs and locks securely into most bottom types such as mud, silt, sand, rock, stones, or most types of sea grasses.

The system is designed as a stern anchor. It bolts directly onto the transom above the waterline, either port or starboard side. It can be used with outboard or inboard motors. When not being used and the boat hauled, the system easily folds compactly to remain on the transom in vertical profile.

The power pole can be used in both fresh and salt water. Boat batteries power the system which requires minimal draw. The unit comes supplied with an optional remote control pad that allows its one-handed operation. Once deployed, the power pole anchor can be used as the prime anchor device without the need to also deploy a conventional anchor. This makes the system eco-friendly since it causes minimum disturbance to sea grasses and other marine life.

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