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Lowrance X136 DF Fish Finder – Features and Tip

Lowrance X136 DF Features

The Lowrance X136 DF Pro-Grade Sonar is a top notch fish finder. Its dual frequency transducer, with depth penetration up to 2500 feet and sturdy waterproof casing, makes it an excellent choice for saltwater fishing or down rigger tracking. It is sturdy enough to stand up to the saltwater elements and allows you to see to deep depths. Its 16 level gray scale monitor also allows for easy sonar reading and will greatly assist in locating and identifying fish.

The Lowrance X136 DF fish finder also comes standard with ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) and depth alarms. ASP allows the fisherman to filter out noise interference from avenues such as boat speed, water conditions, air bubbles and even vibration from the engine. The filtering lets you see the fish clearly so that you can use your skill to catch them. The built in depth alarms allow you to focus on fishing rather than worrying about whether you are too shallow or even too deep. The depth alarms are easy to set and use. Simply set a shallow alarm for whatever depth you feel is too shallow- even as shallow as 5 or 10 feet. On the other end set the deep alarm to what is too deep for you- maybe the fish finder’s maximum depth penetration of 2500 feet. Now let the fish finder do the work for you. If the depth of the water is ever outside the ranges you have set, the alarm will sound and you can quickly and easily make adjustments.

The Lowrance X136 has many other great features which are detailed in the owner’s manual which comes standard with every unit purchased. This model will truly make it easy for any fisherman to find fish and focus solely on their skills for catching the fish.

Lowrance X136 DF Tip

Many Lowrance fish finders come standard with a patented Fish Symbol system called Fish I.D. The Fish I.D system is an excellent way for novice fish finder users to recognize fish-like signal returns on the sonar display. However, Fish I.D. does have its limitations. The microprocessor in the system can be fooled by other submerged objects and report them as fish. Once you become comfortable with your new fish finder it is recommended that you use Full Sonar Mode and learn how to interpret fish arches effectively. Even after you are an expert at fish arches though, you may want to use Fish I.D. when you are in another part of the boat of working with something that keeps you from watching the screen. In these situations using the Fish I.D. functionality can be very useful as it comes with audible fish alarms. By using the fish alarms you will know when a fish passes under the boat by the noise emitted from your Lowrance fish finder.

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