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Kiritimati Saltwater Fly Fishing Expedition 2013

A saltwater fly fishing expedition for bonefish had us land ourselves on the ridiculously beautiful Christmas Island, the largest raised coral atoll in the world, with the world’s farthest forward time zone, UTC+14.

Besides being a world class destination for bone fishing, Christmas Island not only boasts an incredibly rich and healthy biodiversity but is one of the most important breeding grounds anywhere in the world for many species of seabirds. A seemingly endless network of subsidiary lagoons, tidal flats, partially hypersaline brine ponds and salt pans makes it a tropical paradise as awe-inspiring as any other one can find. Terrestrially, porous carbonatic rock, the thin soil make up the primary profile for low shrubland and grassland.

Its remoteness requires flights to two transit destinations – Sydney and the Fiji Islands.

This expedition has marked an important milestone in my quest for worldwide sport fishing destinations. It is truly a dream destination for any saltwater fly fishing angler; one I would hold dearly in my memories.

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