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Intro to Saltwater Fly Fishing – Seminar with Cliff Nigh

If you want to learn how to get into saltwater fly fishing, this is a must see video. Approximately 30 minutes of expert advice on what you need to be successful when stepping into a fly fishing setup. You’ll learn the purpose of each piece of equipment and how to match them together to create fly casting fish catching tool. There a variety of approaches to begin fly fishing, if you’re on the Gulf of Mexico then you must try Cliff’s recommendation of beach fishing for Snook. Cliff will show you the tackle, including the lures, you need to catch popular game fish.

Fly fishing has a cult like following and more and more people are discovering just how much they prefer this type of fishing over others. A true challenge to the angler, mastering the fly presentation while sight fishing is pure joy.

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Please watch: “Artificial Lure tips for Tampa winter Trout and Snook”


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