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Innovative Leader – Good Gift for Saltwater Anglers

If anyone’s looking for the perfect holiday gift for the saltwater sportsman in the family, a large variety of new products are out there, from line to lures to rods and reels.

I recently came across two I think any salty angler, especially guys who fish for toothy critters – flounder, spotted sea trout, sharks, wahoo, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, barracudas or bluefish — will appreciate.

They’re called the InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky and were invented by a Florida equipment company called Aquateko.

The InvisaSwivel is a piece of terminal tackle that’s basically a piece of transparent and buoyant neutral leader line that, when tied properly, resembles an oval (tie it with a Perfection Loop knot many anglers in freshwater use to add extra action to diving crankbaits). It practically makes obsolete traditional metal swivels that weaken, corrode and often fail at the moment of truth when a big fish shakes its head and spits a hook.

Aquateko quickly understood the possible applications after its scientists invented InvisaSwivel and soon came out with Knot2Kinky NiTinol leader wire.

Capt. Gary Anderson of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., said in a news release he likes the characteristics of these Aquateko products.

“Knot2Kinky wire ties like regular fishing line,” he said. “Tie a simple clinch or perfection loop knot to your hook, and you’re done. What’s amazing, though, is that much like a premium monofilament line that has stretch built in, Knot2Kinky is elastic, offering 10 to 15-percent stretch – it acts like a strong rubber band, generating more hook-ups. And when fish surge and go nuts, you’ve got a built-in shock leader that’s tooth-proof and kink resistant.”

Anderson said the line is practically a game-changer for anglers taking on tackle-shredders such as king mackerel, tarpon, black-tip sharks and barracuda.

His special Aquateno rig includes a live ladyfish with a 3/0 no-tie hook tied to 3 feet of 25-pound-test Knot2Kinky wire, which is tied to a section of 30-pound Cajun red line and an invisaSwivel that he calls “the greatest concept since (the invention) of the wheel.”

Mike Genoun, the founder and editor-in-chief of Florida Sport Fishing magazine, also believes in the new nickel-titanium wire.

“Knot-2-Kinky is better than typical wire in every way,” he said. “I’m now burning through substantially less terminal tackle, and I’m boating more quality fish, as a result. I can’t even use regular wire now. This stuff is simply better.”

Mark Smith, who owns and operates San Diego-based Charkbait!, which is a retail and online tackle store and charter-fishing business, also swears by Knot2Kinky.

At first a skeptic and previously using other alleged “tieable” wire materials, Smith said he was amazed when he first experienced K2K’s stretch-stop-recover characteristics.

“It’s a remarkable product,” Smith said. “It stretches up to 10-percent of its length, and even more, it bounces back to its original size and shape with no degradation in test. You don’t even have to crimp this wire; you can tie it. Knot2Kinky is a unique product for those all toothy fish, and a good one at that.”

Released in 2010 InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky are available in sizes for all species and environments from razor-thin 25-pound test to shark-tough 100-pound test. For more information, contact Aquateko, 140 Deer Haven Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, phone (904) 273-7200, email [email protected] or web site

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