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How to START Saltwater Fly Fishing – A INTRODUCTION – Tackle for Surf Pier & Rock

How to START Saltwater Fly Fishing – A INTRODUCTION – Tackle for Surf Pier & Rock. Saltwater fly fishing can be challenging however it is as only difficult as you make it. The first step is to get proper equipment and the next step is to get out there and use it. In this video I focus on that first step. I discuss the equipment I prefer to use 90% of the time in the north east for my fly fishing adventures targeting striped bass, bluefish, fluke, weakfish and other critters. I discuss rod, reel, line, leader, fly and tackle to get you out there on any sandy beach, rocky jetty, muddy marsh or wooden pier to get you started fly fishing. This is a broad rage of topics and a video can be made for each part so I try to explain how to pick good basic fly fishing equipment to get started if you have not done this before. Any detailed questions please leave a comment and I will explain in full detail. The goal of this video is for you to take out a good idea of what to bring to your first outing and still leave you free choice of equipment that will suit you personally.

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Rod – Look at 9 weights to start.
Reels – Any reel to handle 8-10 weight line will work. Look at availability and prices of spare spools before purchase if you enjoy the sport you will be buying more!
Fly Line – For a 9 weight rod look for a good 10 weight sinking line 4-6 inches per second
Leader – For sinking line any 4-6 foot 30 pound mono line will work but I like a 50/50 leader 2ft-2ft (50-30, 30-15, 20-10 etc)
Flys – Deceivers, half & half’s, epoxy minnows, seducers, foam flies, clousers, spun hair fly for tracers
Extras – Pliers, nippers, wire, hook sharpener, any thing else you feel you need!
Bucket – Of course the bucket! They have there place and time!

The goal of this video is to make a light introduction for the tackle used when salt water fly fishing here in the north east or any where else on the planet for similar fish. We can discus each piece for hours but I do not think that is necessary and would be rather boring, scary and distracting to new ears. For many years folks been discouraged by costs, location and impractical knowledge to even start fly fishing. I am here to let you know it is in reach and something to put on you “bucket” list so to speak! Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it! #fishyourway #fjb

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