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Have You Tried Fishing Boneyard Bait Company’s New Plastics?

I love fishing rubber worms, scampi’s and other “plastics” as they are called in the fishing industry. It is so much fun to try and fool fish into biting a bait that your hands are giving life to. You have to twitch it when it is sinking, slowly pull it over the rocks, twigs and debris on the bottom and make it look real enough for a fish to want to eat. From picking out the size and colors to matching it with the proper hooks and lead heads, I just love it!

There are a few things to look for when you are stocking up on plastics before your next fishing trip. You have to make sure you buy a quality bait that looks right, swims correctly and doesn’t fall apart after catching one fish. Look to make sure the bait isn’t dried out and cracked in the package. Most bait companies package their product in salt or a light oil. This gives it a nice flavor as well as helps keep it preserved.

Try and get the right size plastic for the species of fish you are targeting. I am always amazed at how big a plastic worm Largemouth Bass will bite. Twelve inch midnight black worms with a half ounce or bigger bullet head and a 5/0 bass hook. The same thing goes for saltwater fishing, Calico Bass will bite large baits. If you are looking to catch bigger fish and that elusive trophy fish you dream about, try fishing a bigger bait.

Boneyard Baits is fairly new to the market and they have listened to anglers who wanted bigger and better plastics to fish in fresh and saltwater applications. These guys have delivered, they make giant swim baits and they do it well. They make shads in four to twelve inch and they have a specialty “Big Bone Grub” bait that comes in eleven inches. They make an Eel bait that is fifteen inches long, that is amazing! They take pride in their work and it shows in their baits because they produce results and last. They also make some great crawdad baits that would work very well in freshwater for bass.

Boneyard Baits has impressed me with their lineup of amazing soft plastic baits. If you are already a plastics angler I highly recommend you check out these baits. If you are thinking about getting into this style of fishing, please do, you will love it, I promise!

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