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Great Fishing Trips

There are lucky people who live on the salty coastlines, or maybe near a meandering river. For them, finding great fishing is as easy as simply casting their line. Most of us have trouble finding a great fishing destination and it isn’t always easy when there are so many choices across the U.S. The first place to start is whether you prefer to fish in fresh or salt water.

Salt water fishing is and intense sport that has huge rewards. To get the best game you need to take a boat at least 5 miles out, but it is well worth it. Tarpon are one of the most sought after game fish and there are many reasons. Like many saltwater fish, they put up a tremendous fight. You know you have a Tarpon when they have been hooked for a short while they will leap high out of the water. Other great fish to find off-shore are King Fish and Spanish mackerel. The best place to find a good charter that will take you out is in Ft. Myers, FL. This area is also a great destination for vacations because Miami is only a couple hours drive across the state on famous Alligator Alley. This highway is named for the numerous alligator that will rest along the edge of the road. Key West is also only a couple of hours away on a high speed boat service that runs between Ft. Myers and Key West.

Fresh water fishing is a more leisurely past time, but it requires much more knowledge about how to find the great spots. Fly fishing is a great way to experience the back rives. Yellowstone national Park has some great places to fish for trout. You can find some great cut-throat trout in the fire hole river located in western Yellowstone. There is also some great trout found in Loveland Pass. It’s a mountain road located outside Big Sky, MO. A good secret bait for fishing out west is a salmon egg called a Fire Ball. When you are running from hole to hole just a regular spinning rod with a hook and use the Fire Balls. Lodging is in abundance because most areas out west depend on the snow seasons for tourists. You can get great lodging amenities for a huge discount. I recommend a rental condo because some resorts are understaffed in the summertime.

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