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Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Hardy Uniqua 3 Fly Fishing Reel

Fishing, especially fly fishing, gets into your blood, doesn’t it? Your worthy opponents, trout and salmon, have an excellent chance of winning the fight if you’re not at the top of your game. For that reason, it’s important to have the best fly fishing tackle you can afford. Like many other anglers, I keep my eye on the new gear that comes out. Here’s some information about a great reel from Hardys, the Uniqua 3.

About the Hardy Uniqua 3 Fly Fishing Reel

For about £135.00 (on special offer), you’ll get a great entrée into the line of superb tackle made by Hardy. One of the aspects of Hardy that I particularly appreciate is that their products and designs are based on the unbeatable combination of technology and experience. If you’re looking for a fly reel that’s exceptionally strong yet light, this Hardy model is worth a serious look. I’ve found it to have a sensitive, offset drag system that’s quick and easy to adjust by way of a Rulon™ disk. Rulon™, by the way, is a type of highly durable plastic that is known for its low coefficient of friction. It’s also quite resistant to abrasion, is chemically inert and performs well in a wide range of temperatures.

Features of the Hardy Uniqua 3 Fly Reel

The Uniqua 3 reel features a cageless design that allows “palming” for superior fish control. It also has a distinctive click check, complete with that familiar and exciting sound you’ll hear when a fish strikes the lure and runs with the line. The drag system is exceptionally sensitive, as well. I’ve found the offset drag to be easy to adjust and, above all, reliable. If you’re looking for versatility in your fishing reel, you should know that the Uniqua 3 can be used in fresh or saltwater. Would you expect any less from Hardy’s?

More About the Hardy Uniqua 3 Fly Reel

I like to have a lot of backing on my reel, and the Uniqua 3 has room for more than enough. The aluminium casting keeps the weight low and has a 3 1/2″ diameter. It weighs a bit over 6 1/4 ounces and will hold 6 and 7 weight fly lines with plenty of backing. The Uniqua 3 is made from a high quality, durable alloy and not from cheap, machine stamped components. When I’m out for small salmon, large rainbows and stripers, I always have this reel in my tackle box.

About Hardys

Hardy is committed to using the latest designs and technology to create a superior line of fishing tackle products. When reading about the company, I learned that it uses custom designed static and dynamic test equipment to ensure that all products meet high quality standards for use in even the most challenging and rigorous angling venues and weather conditions.

For my money, the Hardy Uniqua 3 fly reel is an excellent and affordable piece of fly fishing tackle. Highly recommended!

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