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Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Greys Platinum XD Competitor Special Fly Fishing Rod

Fly fishing is very popular in many countries including Britain where it is sometimes referred to as game fishing. In this type of fishing, the lure is nearly weightless and because of this, it requires a particular type of casting technique wherein the emphasis is on the line instead of the lure. Using this particular technique would require a special type fly fishing tackle wherein the line is heavier than the lure. Another important tackle would be the fishing rod. The fishing rod needs to be lightweight and flexible. Here’s some information on Greys Platinum XD Competitor Special Fly Fishing Rod.

Key Features of the Platinum XD

When it comes to serious fly fishing tackle, you could always turn to Greys, the company that offers simply the best fishing tackle in the market. The Platinum XD Competitor Special is an upgrade to the Platinum series which was very popular during 2005. If you’re already impressed by how elegantly great it looks with the matt olive finish wait till you read about its features. Extremely versatile and sleek, it is the ideal choice for different fishing situations. It was designed to deliver exquisite performance and extraordinary resilience at a more affordable price than its predecessor. This Platinum XD Competitor series is available only in 3 models: 9’6 feet with #7 rating, the 10′ feet with #7 rating and the 10′ feet with #8 rating. This makes it ideal for steelhead and salmon in medium-sized rivers or larger fish in salt water. Yes it is saltwater-proof and will not swell even if you store it wet.

More About the Platinum XD Competitor Special

The Platinum XD Competitor Special Rod is fitted with a rubber cork handle that greatly increases its strength and adaptability in all weather conditions. This is the ultimate fishing tackle for the tactical angler. The black reel seat is double anodised which makes it tougher and minimizes the occurrence of jamming. The Platinum XD is now made a bit heavier than its predecessor. The 9’6 feet weigh 159g while the 10′ feet weigh 170g it may be a bit much but it just could provide you with the edge you need in a fly fishing tackle. It is has a quick recovery tip that combines with the very thin and light blanks for smooth and tight loops. It comes with cordura zip-top tube that has an adjustable and easily removable shoulder strap for ease and comfort in portability.

Final Thoughts on the Platinum XD Competitor Special Rod

The Trout Fisherman magazine featured this fly fishing marvel in its December 2008 issue and has been called a great-all rounder, which will especially suit those anglers who like a very fast action rod with crisp presentation.

Your fly fishing tackle would never be complete without Greys Platinum XD Competitor Special Fly Fishing Rod!

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