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Fly Fishing and Casting – The Quick Cast

Saltwater Fly fishing techniques. How to make a quick and accurate cast to fish with a flyrod. IFF Certified casting instructor and full time fishing guide Capt Chris Myers shows how to reach distances of 75ft and more starting from holding the fly in your hand. This is a popular method of casting when fly fishing the saltwater flats. Knowing the quick cast is essential for delivering the fly to the fish rapidly with a minimum number of false casts This step by step tutorial with slow motion demonstrates a technique that will help you catch more fish when on the flats.

This is the one technique that all saltwater flats fishing fly anglers should know and be comfortable with doing. The fly fishing tutorial will help you catch more fish on your saltwater fly fishing adventure.

Learn how to start your casts with 20 or more feet of fly line plus a leader which will result in the flyrod being able to load quickly and allow you to reach almost every fish with no more than two back casts.

-professional fly casting instruction in person and online

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