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Fishing Tackle Review: The Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

Being a lure fisherman means that you often need to visit a good number of venues in search of that perfect specimen. For my part, I’m willing to travel just about anywhere there’s a chance of landing a hard-fighting fish after a challenging battle. For that reason, I like my fishing tackle to be highly transportable. One rod I’ve found that’s easy to transport and use just about anywhere is the Missionary 6 model from industry giant Greys. Because it’s from Greys, I have every confidence in the quality and performance of the Missionary 6. It’s quite versatile, so you can use a good range of lures, from heavy to the most delicate. I use this rod in both fresh and salt-water. The Missionary 6 product line builds upon proven spinning rod designs from a company with an impeccable reputation. The result? This rod has significantly improved build quality and durability.

Key Features of the Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

The Missionary 6 is manufactured from high modulus carbon materials. It has an ample power reserve while retaining a lighter hand weight. This is a feature I do appreciate, especially during an extended fishing session. High modulus carbon, by the way, is a high-tech material that’s been heat-treated at temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius to increase its tensile strength. Because the rod has an easy-to-use screw-down reel seat, I can fit a good variety of spinning reels on it, allowing me to adapt quickly to any angling situation. Although a piece of tackle’s appearance isn’t tremendously important to me, this reel, with its striking red and pearl colour scheme, is quite attractive.

More About the Greys Missionary 6 Spinning Rod

For transport, the Missionary 6 breaks down into 6 sections, so you can stow it just about anywhere and have it at the ready. The rod’s sections are quite easy to manage, because they’re as short as 16″ inches long. It features quality Fuji guides and a durable, anodised up-locking reel seat with captive screw down reel fitting. The Missionary 6 is available in a variety of weights from 40 to 100 grams. It’s also powerful enough to pull a fish out of rocks or weeds. A prominent Greys game and sea consultant described the Missionary 6 in a single word: “awesome.” Finally, it has flawless, rapid action from middle to tip.

Final Thoughts on the Greys Missionary 6 Rod

The Missionary 6 comes in a good range of sizes — 7 for trout and 2 for salmon — and is available in single- and double-handed versions. This well-balanced rod is priced at about £199.99, but do look for it on special offer at about £179.99. The price includes a durable Cordura® tube for safe storage and transport. This is a superior piece of fishing tackle, and I’m pleased to rate it at 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. This is a versatile rod that I’d recommend to any serious angler.

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