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Fishing Tackle Review: Greys Sea Spin Lure Fishing Rod

As an avid lure fisherman, I’m always looking for new gear. My tackle box is full of things that I’ve bought over the years, some good, some not so good. I’ve a special weakness for rods, though. I think the right rod can make all the difference between a successful fishing excursion and a failed one. A rod I particularly like is the Sea Spin lure fishing rod from Greys, a well-known name in fishing tackle in the UK. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s become an essential piece of tackle for me.

About the Greys Sea Spin Lure Fishing Rod

The folks at Greys got this one right. This is a great rod of all types of shore-based lure fishing. The Sea Spin is up to the task, even for bottom fishing. Most anglers know that the best way to land a fish that’s fighting hard is to get full control of the situation as early in the fight as possible. The longer you wait the better chance the fish has to escape. Generally, one of the best ways to gain control is to use a powerful rod with a highly responsive tip. Another important feature is a fast taper combined with a lightweight blank. This enhances casting accuracy in the wide variety of situations and venues a lure fisherman encounters.

Features of the Greys Sea Spin Lure Fishing Rod

Because lure fishermen roam far and wide in search of the perfect specimen, Greys has made their rod quite portable. It comes in three sections, making it exceptionally easy to pack and transport. I’ve found this rod to be especially effective when fishing in adverse weather or with big lures. Conversely, the rod also gently handles the most delicate of lures. You’ll certainly appreciate the rod’s versatility, whether you’re seeking small or large fish in fresh or salt water. Its eleven foot length makes it ideal for species like Pollock and bass. With a powerful, high-quality blank and a lifetime guarantee, this rod is an attractive value at about £139.99. However, you should be able to find it on special offer at about £118.99.

More Features of the Greys Sea Spin Lure Fishing Rod

The reel has secure screw reel fittings; this is a high quality rod at an entry level price. Part of Greys popular G-Series, the Sea Spin is the product of Greys prestigious rod development team, which means it’s highly functional while remaining affordable. With its power, progressive action and durable, sturdy fittings throughout, this is truly a superior quality build. The Sea Spin also has a high power to weight ratio that contributes to both its versatility and portability. The blank profile is slim and elegant and the rod has a durable graphite reel seat. I’ve found the Sea Spin to be nearly perfectly balanced, with a comfortable feel in my hand.

For versatile, affordable and transportable fishing tackle, the Greys Sea Spin lure fishing rod is an excellent choice.

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