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Fish and Sweets

Recreational fishing is one of the best recreational activities if you want to unwind and experience nature’s bounty first hand while enjoying some tasty retro sweets. It is also one of the oldest forms of recreation in the pseudo-contemporary times with documents that dates as early as 1496, although it only became popular during the 1600s. During this period only the nobility was interested in it.

Some of the common fresh fishes usually caught in recreational fishing in the western countries are trout, bass, pike, catfish, walleye, and salmon. For salt water fishing the common fishes are marlin, tuna, tarpon, sailfish, and mackerel. After fishing and especially if you went with family or friends, you cook the catch and enjoy the incomparable taste of fresh fish. You can also throw in some retro sweets to make your meal extra especial.

Recreational fishing can be done whether you’re alone or with a company. It gives you a time to think and get a feeling of satisfaction every time you get a catch. There is also that pregnant feeling when you see the water ripples as the fish struggles to escape from the bait. Of course the element of surprise every time you pull the rod from the water to see what you caught – just like picking some retro sweets from a jar without you looking on it.

Recreational fishing is also held as a competition. Usually, participants compete for prizes based on the total weight of a given species of fish caught within a predetermined time. This kind of competition is common in North America. Usually, competitors are professional fishermen. Other competitions also observe a catch and release regulation. But you don’t have to be a professional fisherman if you want to compete. You can invite some friends or family to go fishing and organise a mini content amongst yourselves. A prize could be some cash, a personalised trophy you made or even some retro sweets.

Recreational fishing is a very common activity between a father and son. We usually see this in movies or TV. This activity is a good bonding time for the family or friends. Of course, this activity is not limited to gender or age as patience is the major contributing factor to the success of getting a good catch; and to help you from getting bored you can bring a jar of retro sweets to eat while waiting for the fish to take your bait.

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