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Carp Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Tournament Linear X BR Reel

It’s no wonder the carp is considered sacred in some Asian cultures. This is a strong and wily fish, capable of an exciting and lengthy fight on the line. The carp also is seen as a symbol of power. In Asia, brightly coloured kites shaped like carp are flown on a holiday known as Children’s Day. What a sight it must be to see carp with flowing streamers gracing the sky! The kites are meant to convey strength to both the children being honoured and their families. Legends in some countries hold that if a carp can swim a up a fast flowing stream, it will be transformed into a dragon. As an avid carp fisherman, I’m always looking for carp fishing tackle that will give me an advantage over this worthy opponent, especially if it turns into a dragon! Here’s some information about a great fishing reel from Daiwa, the Tournament Linear X BR.

About Daiwa Tournament Linear X BR Reel

Part of the BR system from Daiwa, this reel has a unique, positive and safer pull back lever as well as a tension adjustment located conveniently at the rear. The first thing I liked about this reel is that it can retrieve as much as 89cm of line per turn of the handle, which helps to even the playing field when you’ve got a strong fish on the line. Daiwa has accomplished this by designing a reel with one of the lowest gear ratios in the industry.

Features of the Linear X BR Reel

It’s important to note that the X BR’s front drag system is equally well designed. It features six washers, some of which are Teflon coated. There’s also a strong coil spring and a micro adjustment feature that gives the angler accurate and direct control. The good looking spool skirt contains a patented line clip, a high-tech feature that provides enhanced functionality such as a line-friendly internal collar and spring loading. The result? A reel that assists with distance control when it’s needed most. For superb performance, the X BR has the vaunted Digigear feature that contains up to eight ball bearings, four of which can be CRBBs (corrosion resistant ball bearings), a feature that salt-water anglers surely appreciate.

More Features of the Linear X BR Reel

Other features I like are the compact, positive BR mechanism, AirBail, Twistbuster and infinite anti-reverse. In addition, the reel has extended spool stoke on reduced spool diameter, along with a geared down ratio that delivers higher power conversion. The X BR also has worm gear oscillation and a 2x enhanced line clip. The generous double handle features Easi-Grip. A spare spool is supplied with each X BR reel. With a capacity of 240 metres of 12lb test line, the reel weighs just 25ozs. Finally, the retrieval rate is 4.5:1.

For my money, the Daiwa Linear X BR reel is a nearly perfect piece of carp fishing tackle.

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