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5 Essential Tips to Choosing Your Next Saltwater Fishing Rod

There are so many different saltwater fishing rods to choose from these days. If you’ve ever walked into a tackle store you have probably been confronted with hundreds if not thousands of fishing rods to choose from.

How can you make sure that you select the right rod for you? I have compiled 5 essential tips to choosing your next rod. So before walking into your local fishing store and being blown away by the variety available, and of course the sales person who recommends a rod to you based on the highest commission – make sure you understand these 5 points!

1 – Research Saltwater Fishing Rods Thoroughly

The very first thing you need to do is research and it is so easy to do today. The vast array of styles, brands, materials and accessories available is staggering. So get online and start searching. I recommend looking at forums and user reviews of various brands of saltwater fishing rods. Once you start narrowing down your search to a particular few rods search the online fishing stores for pricing.

Talk to experienced angles and get their advice and opinions. People who use a fishing rod on an almost daily basis are a great source of feedback, so find them and talk to them. Research takes time but is well worth the effort.

2 – Which material to choose from?

Generally the best choices for saltwater fishing rods are either graphite or fibreglass as both are quite strong yet light. A real feature of both types of rod is they are rust resistant so they should never corrode or become brittle over time.  Graphite fishing rods aren’t as flexible but are pretty light. You’ve probably fished with a small graphite rod before for trout or small river fish,  However graphite saltwater fishing rods are much longer, wider and denser.

A popular alternative to graphite, and my personal favourite is a fiberglass rod. These are considerably more flexible than graphite which allows the rod to do more of the work instead of you. A good flexible rod acts like a shock absorber meaning less effort on your part to pull in your catch. The downside is they generally don’t last as long as graphite. I find that an acceptable compromise and personal favour the fiberglass saltwater fishing rod.

3 – Where will you be fishing?

In the ocean obviously – but will it be from the shore, rocks or in a boat? This is probably one of the key questions that you need to consider. A freshwater fishing rod is generally not going to make it when fishing in the ocean, you will need a rod that is considerably stronger. Fishing for sharks or marlin will require a very strong rod, however fishing for snapper, grouper or salmon means you can get away with a lighter rod.

4 – Which fishing technique will you use?

You should be getting the idea by now you really need to think through the how’s, where’s, and whys of saltwater fishing. You will also need to consider which type of fishing technique you are going to be using. Will you be fishing in deep drop offs? Shallow drop offs? Trolling or bottom knocking? Think carefully about the techniques you will be using before buying your rod.

5 – What tackle will you use?

A  rod with appropriate tackle is just a big stick with some line running through it. You must consider the type of tackle you will use before buying your saltwater fishing rod. Certain rods work with all types of tackle, whereas other rods work well with a certain kind. The tackle you require of course is going to be determined by where you are fishing, what your target species is and which fishing technique you will be using.

I hope this article has been of some help to you – good luck with your next purchase of a saltwater rod.

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