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3 Best Lures to Catch a Snook

It is this fisherman’s opinion that the 3 best lures to catch a snook are:

1. Imitation mullet

2. Weed less spoons

3. Spinner baits

The imitation mullet lure is by far the best lure for catching a snook. The other lures mentioned are very distant second and third choices. Mullet lures come in many sizes and shapes but the most effected seem to be the top water versions. This type of lure is typically fished with a walk the dog type of retrieve in shallow waters less than 5 feet deep.

There are many mullet imitations that are suspending type lures. This lure will sink a few feet down in the water column and an erratic, twitching type of retrieve usually works best with this type of lure. This type of lure can be casted right into a mullet school to resemble a wounded fish.

There is a third type of mullet lure that snook love. This lure is the soft plastic type of lure. This lure resembles a mullet and can be fished in all parts of the water column. When more depth is needed this type of lure can be weighted to get to any depth a fisherman wants. This lure is the most versatile and can be rigged so it is weed less. This makes it a great choice for fishing docks and structure. The key to all of these mullet style lures is to match the size of the lure with the size of the bait fish in the area being fished.

Linesiders also like to eat weed less spoons. This type of lure can be used in many scenarios such as mangrove fishing, grass flat fishing and vertical jigging in deeper water. The spoon color that seems to work best for linesiders is silver. By varying the retrieve speed a fisherman can figure out what will attract the most bites on any given day.

The third type of lure that snook seem to like is the spinner bait. This type of bait is usually thought of as a fresh water bass bait but snook will hit them too. In this fisherman’s opinion, a snook is just a large mouthed bass on steroids so it makes sense that they will both hit the same kind of lure. Dark spinner baits seem to work best in murky water and lightly colored spinner baits seem to work best in clear water conditions.

All three of these lure types mentioned above will catch snook. A fisherman should figure out which lure they are most comfortable fishing with. Once the fisherman has his go to lure matched to the conditions, he can catch a ton of linesiders.

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